Her musical sophistication and the uncanny maturity of her lyrics astonished me – gave me chills – and made me realize (a little sadly) that it had been a long time since I’d been enthralled. What a wonder, to be enthralled again. After the show I told her and anyone else who would listen, “You’re the most gifted young performer I’ve seen in 26 years.”
— Austin Chronicle
Texas singer-songwriter Sahara Smith creates Cinemascope-like wide-screen portraits of romantic passion, loneliness and unrequited love in her richly impressive, intensely soulful debut album.
— LA Times
If Sahara Smith becomes the next big star to glow beyond the Lone Star State, it won’t be much of a surprise.
— Lone Star Music Magazine
Melodic and often heartbreaking, it’s an assured debut, an elaborately painted canvas anchored by Smith’s poetic songwriting and otherworldly voice.
— Austin Statesman
She said ‘I’ve written a song. Would you like to hear it?’ And of course we did. And she played it, and by the end we had tears in our eyes. That’s when we knew something special was going on.
— Dad